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EisnerAmper Introduces Restructuring and Insolvency Services in the Cayman Islands

EisnerAmper, a leading global business advisory firm, is pleased to introduce Restructuring and Insolvency services to its Cayman Islands offering. EisnerAmper Cayman now provides expertise to clients who need to trace, protect and recover assets, restructure businesses, or liquidate entities for the benefit of stakeholders.  

Private funds, businesses and the financial services community worldwide look to the Cayman Islands as an effective domicile to support their global strategies at each stage of the investment and business lifecycle. EisnerAmper Cayman offers a full suite of services which provide an efficiency minded, sensitive and experienced team working to maximize value for stakeholders. These services include:

  • Official Liquidations – Experienced in executing court-appointed liquidations (and receiverships), and managing complex, litigious and multijurisdictional engagements.
  • Voluntary Liquidations – Acting as voluntary liquidators to securely wind-up your activity, distribute remaining assets and dissolve the entity. 
  • Restructuring Services – Developing and executing plans to restore profitability and ensure the long-term sustainability of your entity.
  • Forensic Investigations and Fiduciary Support – Investigating fraud, diagnosing mismanagement, reviewing historic financial activity, and navigating stakeholder disputes.

Tim Womack and John Henry will be the partners leading the new service lines for EisnerAmper Cayman. Both have significant offshore experience, having worked in the Cayman Islands for many years. Tim Womack commented, “John and I are excited to bring our combined offshore experience to EisnerAmper Cayman. As the EisnerAmper Global network grows, the range of services and expertise we can provide ensures our clients will be catered for at every step of the business lifecycle”.

“Investments continue to offer lucrative opportunities along with unique challenges to professionals, businesses, and investors throughout the Cayman Islands,” said Peter Cogan, Managing Partner, Financial Services Industry and Chair of EisnerAmper Global. “We’ve heard from our clients and are excited to offer this valuable suite of services to meet their ongoing needs. These highly in-demand services will help fortify our strategy and connect the dots for our clients who trade around the globe between the U.S., Singapore, and the Cayman Islands.”

“EisnerAmper has long been acknowledged as being at the forefront of international business,” added Ben Leung, Managing Partner of EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. “With the addition of these needed services, we broaden our offering in one of world’s most prominent and important financial service centers.”

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EisnerAmper Cayman Affiliate EA Governance Offers Governance Services

The Cayman Islands recently enacted legislative changes (which EisnerAmper previously reported on) to enhance the oversight of smaller open-ended mutual funds (previously exempted due to having less than 15 investors) as well as closed-ended funds (private equity funds) to boost best practices and strengthen investor confidence. EisnerAmper Cayman affiliate EisnerAmper Governance Services Ltd. (EA Governance) can be instrumental in providing governance services that clients might require for an offshore entity allowing clients to focus on investment management.

Given the conflict of interest between governance and audit, solely non-attest clients would be able to take advantage of EA Governance, which is regulated under the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Some of EA Governance offerings include:

  • Providing clients with Independent Board Directors, Managing Members, Independent Fund Representatives, and Members for Investment Advisory, Limited Partnership Advisory and Conflict Advisory Committees. 
  • Company management consisting of registered office services, board secretarial services, along with general advisory and consulting services; and also providing adequate office space for a client’s Cayman entity, along with qualified full-time employees and professional directors to manage the Cayman entity.
  • International tax compliance services such as helping clients determine the best way to meet their requirements of tax regimes and make the required filings under FATCA/CRS.
  • Cayman Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance, providing dedicated professionals to help clients meet their compliance needs and regulatory requirements.  

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Cayman Islands Law Requires Registration

On February 7, the Cayman Islands Government passed sweeping legislation to enhance oversight of investment funds to boost best practices and strengthen investor confidence.  The Private Funds Law, 2020 requires private funds formed in Cayman to register with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) within the next six months. The Mutual Funds Law, 2020 removed the small fund exemption (those with fewer than 15 investors) thereby subjecting substantially all private open ended and closed ended funds formed in Cayman to register with CIMA.  (For more insight, please see EisnerAmper’s previous report on the Cayman Islands’ enactment of legislative changes to enhance oversight of investment funds to boost best practices and strengthen investor confidence.)

Under the new laws:

  • All impacted funds will be required to register by August 7, 2020;
  • Any new funds launched from the effective date will require immediate registration.
  • The registration fee for the initial registration of affected funds during the transition period will be waived; and
  • The first audited accounts for registered funds will not be required to be filed with CIMA until six months following the first full financial year after registration.  Unlike other offshore jurisdictions that do not require local auditors, these audited financial statements must be submitted by a CIMA approved local auditor.

As always, for further instruction, please speak to your legal advisors.

By Elana Margulies-Snyderman

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Cayman Islands Enacts Legislative Changes to Enhance the Oversight of Investment Funds

The Cayman Islands Government has drafted two bills to enhance regulation for all Cayman-domiciled hedge funds and also impact private equity funds for the first time, in an effort to boost best practices, strengthen investor confidence and ensure the Islands remains the preeminent jurisdiction for investment funds formation.

Mutual Funds (Amendment) Bill, 2020 and the Private Funds Bill, 2020 would require both hedge funds and private equity funds to have annual audits issued or undertaken by a Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)-approved local auditor.

Under the new Mutual Funds Bill, funds with fewer than 15 investors would now be required to register with CIMA, comply with annual return requirements, retain accessible records and have annual audits done by a CIMA-approved local auditor.

According to the Private Funds Bill, all private funds would have to comply with above. In addition, they would have requirements for valuation, safekeeping, title verification and cash monitoring. The bill also allows private funds the flexibility to choose the service provider(s) who would provide any required valuation, safekeeping, title verification and cash monitoring services; provided that any administrator, custodian or other independent third party appointed is independent from the fund’s manager or operator or, where any of the manager or operator or their affiliates is appointed, they identify and disclose any conflicts of interest.

The Government is planning a series of briefings and releases in the coming months with the first briefing to be held January 10.

By Elana Margulies-Snyderman

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EisnerAmper LLP Opens London Office

Robert Mirsky Named Head of the London Office and Head of the Asset Management Group

EisnerAmper LLP—a leading provider of accounting, tax and consulting services to global financial firms—announced that it is opening an office in London, one of the world’s leading asset management centers.

Robert Mirsky is joining EisnerAmper as the Head of the London office and Head of the Asset Management Group. “As Brexit unfolds, Europe is facing an unprecedented period of economic and regulatory challenges and opportunities,” says Charles Weinstein, Chief Executive Officer of EisnerAmper LLP. “Adding Robert to our team will greatly enhance our ability to offer clients highly specialized, expert financial advisory services in this growing yet rapidly changing market.”

Mirsky has more than 20 years of experience advising investment fund managers, financial services companies, banks and investors in the structuring and operational aspects of alternative investments. He has worked in Big Four firms throughout the world, including in the U.S., the U.K., Italy, Thailand and the Cayman Islands and, most recently, he led a global hedge fund practice. In addition, he has significant experience in cross-border structuring, operations, regulation, taxation and international M&A.

Mirsky is a frequent speaker at asset management industry events and is often called upon by both the U.S. and international press to provide insights on industry issues. He has also written extensively on both hedge fund technical issues and asset management industry trends. Mirsky is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the child protection charity Help for Children U.K. and has testified before the U.K. Parliament on strategies for encouraging charitable giving across the financial services sector.

“I’m excited to be working with the EisnerAmper Financial Services team as we continue to evolve and develop as one of the leading asset management service providers in the world,” says Mirsky.

“We look forward to Rob joining our practice group and adding his capabilities to our client service offering,” said Peter Cogan, Co-Chair of EisnerAmper’s Financial Services Group. “Our continuing investments in resources and talent in the U.S. and abroad further enhance our position as a world-class alternative investment and financial services accounting and advisory firm.”

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EisnerAmper Global welcomes Singapore member

EisnerAmper Cayman is delighted to welcome EisnerAmper Singapore to the EisnerAmper Global network. EisnerAmper Global is a specialist network of independent member firms operating in key financial services and international trading hubs. EisnerAmper Global member firms provide clients with access to the expertise of 200 partners and 2,000 professionals globally, with office locations including New York, Miami, San Francisco, Cayman, Dublin and Singapore.

EisnerAmper Singapore, formerly Saw Meng Tee & Partners PAC, provides specialist accounting, advisory, outsourcing,and risk & regulatory services to international and domestic clients operating in Singapore and across Asia. At EisnerAmper Singapore’s launch, Managing Partner Saw Meng Tee noted that EisnerAmper Singapore’s vision is to be “recognised as one of Singapore’s leading professional services firms in the specialist areas of financial services, corporate solutions and advisory”. EisnerAmper Ireland and Saw Meng Tee & Partners PAC have been working closely together over the past 18 months to further develop existing ties between Ireland and Singapore.

For enquiries, please contact Saw Meng Tee, Managing Partner, EisnerAmper Singapore or visit the EisnerAmper Singapore website.

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EisnerAmper LLP is awarded Best Global Accounting Firm

EisnerAmper LLP was named Best Global Accounting Firm in the 2017 Global Service Provider Awards Survey conducted for Hedgeweek Global.  The Global Service Provider Awards are amongst the hedge fund industry’s most prestigious and competitive awards and are based on a rigorous peer review survey of Hedgeweek’s readers, which includes a global audience of investors, fund managers and industry service providers.

Charles Weinstein, EisnerAmper LLP’s Chief Executive Officer, said that EisnerAmper LLP was honoured to be receiving the award and to being recognised as the preeminent accounting and advisory firm in the alternative investment marketplace.


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EisnerAmper LLP & EisnerAmper Cayman attend GAIM Ops Cayman conference

Nicholas Tsafos and Peter Cogan, Audit Partners in EisnerAmper LLP and Directors of EisnerAmper Global, attended the Global Alternative Investment Management (“GAIM”) Ops Cayman conference on March 6-9 alongside Ben Leung, Managing Partner of EisnerAmper Cayman and Director of EisnerAmper Global.

GAIM was founded in 1994 and soon became the world’s largest international alternative investment event, known for its high intellectual content as well as the range, quality and quantity of the global investors and allocators it attracts. It has been held in Geneva, Monaco, Cannes, and Cayman.

GAIM is the annual global focal point for global investors to learn about the wider industry and the strategic debate within which alternatives operate, and secondly as an objective platform for the most interesting investment themes and best performing funds globally.

Peter, Nick and Ben were joined by other members of the EisnerAmper Cayman team to participate in interactive workshops and discussions.


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PKF Cayman rebrand and joining EisnerAmper Global

PKF Cayman has rebranded to EisnerAmper Cayman. We have joined with leading US accountancy firm, EisnerAmper LLP and EisnerAmper Ireland, to form a new global network called EisnerAmper Global. Our vision is to be globally recognised as Cayman’s leading corporate professional services firm. Being part of a new global network, EisnerAmper Global, gives our clients access to leading minds and cutting edge services by leveraging the expertise of c. 180 partners and 1500 professionals across Cayman, the US, Ireland and London.

Our soft launch will be on August 17, 2015, details of our public launch will follow soon.

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